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Visible Mobile tapped us and 9 other creators from Instagram to help them create campaigns on our feeds to get the word out about their new service. This is an ongoing project, and they continue to be one of our favorite clients to date, giving us almost complete creative freedom to interpret their brand how we see fit. We have loved working with a company who takes such a revolutionary approach to their initial marketing rollout, putting their as of yet unknown brand in the hands of all these creators and letting the magic happen.

In the months that we have been working with them, we have done several studio shoots and narrative videos, as well as engaged with our followers through our stories on @thebrothersbuoy’s Instagram feed.



The videos that we created for Visible have all been lighthearted and playing off of the fact that the brand has no stores, which keeps the overhead low and the service inexpensive.



We have played around a lot with food when creating our shots for Visible, either showing the phone in a setting where one might be using it, playing with the brand’s color scheme or making visual jokes that play on features of the service.